Masterchef Final Dessert

Last night we decided to cook the dessert in the final from Masterchef. The Aria Chocolate Tart!!

I had to cook 6, not just one, and serve main course, drinks, clean the house, all after coming home from work. Plus I had a real estate agent visit from 5 till 5.30 to appraise our house, just as I was rolling the base for the tart!!!

Maybe that could be on next years final as part of the test!!

I do have to say that the recipe was not specific in many ways. I followed it to the letter and many of the ingredient measurements are incorrect. For instance the amount of 'Glacage' the recipe yields would be enough for probably 40 desserts, thus wasting copious amount of very expensive chocolate. As the recipe stands from the Masterchef website, all the ingredients cost $85.00. I am pretty sure I only used about half or a third of the total ingredients in creating the dish, and ended up throwing out large amount of left over mixtures etc...

At some stage I will post a more accurate recipe to serve four people [all recipe's on this site are for 4].

I have to say the result was fantastic and the chocolate taste was unbelievable, not sweet, but a genuine cocoa hit... The balance of sweet and bitter was great and the different textures in the dish was a highlight.

I made the chocolate tubes using rolled up gladbake. [I made 6 tubes of glad bake with sticky tape holding them into a tube, then used a small strip of gladbake to smear the tempered chocolate onto. Then I slid this into the tubes and it set beautifully] It even had that 'crack' they were so fussy about on the final..

Overall, it was great fun to cook and serve, and my guests definitely enjoyed the dish. We ate it with a bottle of 2004 De Bortoli Noble One, which balanced perfectly with the sweetness of the wine against the bitter cocoa notes of the tart.


  1. Hiya ... bigsissy here from MasterChef forums! I am so happy to see someone try out a MasterChef recipe, and a difficult one at that ... and gain such great success. Well done to you, and an extra special congrats for making six of them! the pics looks great. Love the blog too. Nice colours. Very well written. Not too fussy. Well organised. Keep it up!

  2. Hi. This is streltz here, also from MC Forums.

    Had a go at this today myself. Very happy with the result as were my family and friends. As stated on the forum, did not sit to a plate myself as I was all "chocolated" out due to tasting and testing during prep. Was told by guests exactly as per your comments regarding balance of sweet/bitter and the textures on the plate. Yes, and the "crack" of the pipe was music to the ears

    I agree with the excess of ingredients such as the glacage and also the sorbet. Just used a little more on each plate. I was able to plate up 10 serves by slicing the tart, which is very rich and bitter, a bit thinner.

    I actually purchased a length of PVC tube from Bunnings and cut 7 tubes for the Choc pipes. Followed the method as per recipe. Was easier than I thought. Must say, well done on your improvisation

    Definitely worth the effort

  3. The pics of your tart look fantastic! Yum! We are planning on making the tart on the weekend & just wanted to ask what you did as a substitute to using a blast freezer? If you wouldn't mind letting me know whether you used a regular freeze & if so, how long is needed for the tart to set? Thanks (in advance) for your tips! I hope my tart looks half as great as yours!!!
    PS. Did you use jivar chocolate or an alternative good quality dark chocolate?

  4. Hi Jodie

    I used Lindt 80% cocoa chocolate. I have to say the tart was amazingly chocolatey [is there such a word]. It is not a sweet dessert, but captures the essence of real cocoa. I think all up the dish took about 2 hours to prepare. I used the freezer instead of the chiller and it worked fine. I would make the sorbet the day before to spread the load and to ensure it is nice and frozen.

    Good luck and let me how you went.

  5. i think im going to give this a go
    i have purchased the lindt chocolate
    but im going to see if i can find the jivar chocolate for the tart
    did u find that there was alot of excess pastry and tart mixuture?
    and if i was only going to make the much of the chocolate glacage recipe measurements do you think i should use?
    ive got to say that u have plated the dish very well and that those guests wouldve been extremely lucky to be given that for dessert

  6. The tart recipe made enough for about 12-14 serves, and the glacage recipe made enough enought for more than that. I would halve the whole recipe, except for the macaroons. The recipe made about 12 - 14 macaroons, whcih is about right to serve 6.

    As far as just making the tart, I would be careful about serving it alone. A big part of the success of the dish was the various textures on the plate. If you were going to simplify the dish I would still make the macaroons and maybe omit the chocolate tube.

    Having said this, the tube was pretty easy to make. Just do the whole thing!

  7. Hi, I would just like to saw WOW!!!! I can't believe how great everything turned out. Your sorbet looks super dooper smooth, you can give Poh and Julie a run for their money.

  8. Hi, I'm planning on doing this for Friday night dinner party but very short on space. Do you think the tart would be alright if made the night before or would the pastry suffer??? Also doing Julie's chicken (again) it is sensational, just need to practice my de-boning skills

  9. wow, nice work. can't believe you found the time to do 6 let alone 1. well done, they look great. :-)

  10. Wow, I can't believe the ingredients came to $85!! You could have sent the leftovers my way! :P


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