Piper St Food Co. Sausage and Salami Masterclass

On the weekend I attended a Masterclass run by Damian Sandercock who is the owner of the Piper St. Food Co. The class ran through some history of Charcuterie, and the application of these skills in today's world.

Damian was a fantastic teacher and went through recipe's for various salts, sausages, bacon and salami's and then talked us through the process as we made pork sausages and salami in the purpose built teaching facility. Basic's of butchery, food safety, and general cooking skills were covered culminating in creating our own sausage, salami and bacon.

The class concluded with an awesome lunch of various goods from the store as well as local wines and their own fantastic bread!

I would highly recommend the Piper St. Food Co. as a great place to go and eat, as well as shop. As well as the Sausage class they offer heaps of other courses on their website.


Rating 18/20


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