Chinese in Howlong??

The Happy Lotus
Howling NSW
Phone 02 6026 5321

It's been a while since I reviewed a restaurant and since I have just relaunched the blog I thought I had better get right onto it and review somewhere right away. Where was the last place I ate out... Last weekend I was away with the boys on a golf trip to NSW. On the Murray River there are some great courses....but not many great Chinese restaurants. At least there isn't one in Howling NSW!!

Having arrived after 4 hours driving from Melbourne we were all hungry and thirsty. A few schooners later we decided to try the 'Happy Lotus' Chinese restaurant attached to the clubhouse at Howling Golf Resort. Not a good decision.. Sitting at the table inhaling our Tooheys New we heard locals at the table next to us raving about the food and what great Chinese it is.  This filled us with hope.

Our San Choy Bow arrived and it looked like a puddle of gravy with a few chuncks of chicken mince floating in it.  I think about half a box of cornflour was used in the creation of this abomination of a Chinese staple, and it was the temperature of molten lava. In hindsight burning my tastebuds from the surface of my tongue would probably have been a good idea as it tasted worse than it looked!

Beef in Szechuan Sauce that actually had no pepper flavour and was not hot at all followed, again laden with cornflour. It was lucky we were hungry as otherwise this review would probably have been worse..

Overall a dismal fail for Chinese food. It really wasn't Chinese food at all. If you go the Howling Golf Resort stick to the pub meals in the Bistro. Have a burger or a Parma or Lasagne, but don't have the special fried rice. It's not special and it probably wasn't fried but I think it was rice!!!

Rating: 1/20


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