Bircher Muesli, Strawberry, Mint


This breakfast is healthy, quick to make and looks beautiful on the plate. A great one for Mother's Day. It looks like you worked really hard, but it only takes 2 minutes to put together. It is a short cut as far as true Bircher Muesli goes...some will say it's not Bircher, but it takes no planning and is still delicious!!

Serves 2


2 cups of natural muesli [homemade or a good one from the shops]
4 TS Greek yoghurt [mixed with a teaspoon of vanilla paste/extract]
1 TS milk
1 punnet of strawberries[any berry would work]
6 freeze dried strawberries


In a large bowl mix the muesli with the yoghurt and a splash of milk. Reserve some yoghurt to serve. Use you judgement as far as the consistency. Every yoghurt is different. You want it wet but still holding it's shape. Let this sit while you slice your berries, chop your mint and break uop the freeze dried strawberries.

Serve the muesli in a bowl and dress with berries, the reserved yoghurt, drizzle with honey and scatter the mint and crushed dried berries.


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