Kermonds Hamburgers

Most of my blogs are descriptive and detailed, however I don't think there are words to describe why these burgers are just so good. The shop is just a shop, but the burgers are more than just a burger.
It's sounds like a long way to go for fast food.......but it's worth it.
You must eat one of these burgers. The end!
Rating: 20/20
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  1. You have obviously never experienced what a great hamburger should taste like. Kermonds may have been good in the old days with not much to compare it to but under today's standards it is a very low class of imitation burger.

    1. Burgers have changed for sure, but this is still a great burger. No brioche, no waygu beef, no slaw...but a great fresh white roll, perfectly cooked ground beef, iceberg lettuce. This burger has no pretence. It's not 'on trend' ....It's just a great old fashioned burger.


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