454 Whitehorse Road
(03) 9873 0268

Having recently moved into the area we though we would try one of the local restaurants. I had eaten at this place years ago, and it was a 'La Porchetta' style suburban Italian place. Very casual and inexpensive. We decided to walk up and try it. Dressed in jeans and t shirts we walked in to find the place had changed. It was a bit 'fancy'!!

The waiter gave us a funny look and asked if we had reservation...It was a Tuesday night at about 6.30pm and the place was pretty much empty so it was an interesting question. I said no, and he found us a table. Service was quick and efficient, an the meals were good. Chicken Parmagiana and Lasagne were both good, but not amazing, The salad was fresh and the Garlic Focaccia from the adjoining take away pizza bar was great. Meals were less expensive than the Mitcham Hotel, just down the road, and the service was much better, the ambience was good, and it had the feeling of a bit of a special occasion restaurant that served non special occasion food!!

On returning on another night it was pretty busy and again we had good service and the meals were good, although the duck risotto with olives was a little weird. Unfortunately the duck flavour was overpowered by the olives, however the vegetable risotto we tested on the same night was very good.

Overall a good find in the suburbs, with fast service, and an over attentive owner, who was wandering around looking like he owned the place.... but I guess he does. His intent was good, but sometimes unnecessary and to be honest a little distracting.

Rating: 11/20

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