Masterchef Dessert. Lemon Curd Layer Cake

Stephanie Alexander created this cake and it was used as test for Masterchef Australia. Click here for the link to the recipe. This is the second Masterchef dessert cooked in theinformalfoodie kitchen.

It is a fantastic dish. I think the thing I like most about it was it was not too sweet. If you are a sweet tooth, this dish is probably not for you, as it is quite tart. But the lemon and passionfruit flavour drives right through it, and the softness of the layered crepes offers a really different and interesting texture. If you prefer a sweeter dessert just add sugar to the cream and jelly mixture.

Although there are many elements involved in preparing this dessert, overall it is not as complex as it looks. Probably the trickiest bit was getting the crepes the right size, however the layering between the lemon curd and cream hides most imperfections. Without a blast chiller you need more time for the fillings to set, preferably overnight.


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