Utsav Indian Restaurant, Heathmont

indian restaurant

155 Canterbury Road
03 9876 8664

Utsav is a new restaurant in the Heathmont Village shoping centre on Canterbury Road. In an area not known for its great restaurants, Utsav is a shining light, offering great Indian cuisine, at a good price, along with excellent service.

On arrival it was clear that the waiter understood that for a new restuarant to succeed in an outer suburb, every customer needed to be treated as a local, and potential regular. Without this sort of clientelle, a restaurant like Utsav would suffer a slow death. Swiftly seated and offered an Indian beer, we sat and looked through the menu. No suprises on the menu, classics like Onion Fritters, Samosa, Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken, Beef Vindaloo, Kormas etc etc.

Now at some Indian restaurants you think 'here we go again', and the dishes are unexciting and run of the mill. However the food arrived in good sized portions and obviously prepared with care and skill. Lamb curries with generous amount of meat, and meat cooked slowly to perfection. The bread was might and fluffy and not too oily, and rice was plentiful and well cooked.

The presentation was banquet style and the service was fantastic. Water was always full and the waiter made sure drinks were offered throughout the meal. Overall a fine version of good classic Indian cuisine.

Rating: 13/20

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  1. We eat at Utsav on a regular basis. The food is terrific, the tsaff are warm and friendly and the prices are reasonable. I highly recommend it.

  2. we also regulary dine or get take away from Utsav, excellent

  3. Utsav is wonderful- the service and food is fantastic! It is the restaurant I dine at the most of all in the area. Very satisfied each time I eat there. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enjoy Indian cuisine.

  4. Wonderful Indian... have not eaten there as yet, but have ordered takeaway numerous times and have not been let down at all. I can only presume that it will be even better dining in, but with the food being so good in takeaway form, it will be some time before we will dine in ;)


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