Breakfast in Singapore

Breakfast in Singapore is a bit ‘weird’. Locals will pretty much eat ANYTHING for breakfast including curry with Roti Prata, Stirfried Vegetables, Noodles, Rice, Fried Chicken, Prawns in broth with noodles etc… Nasi Lemak is rice or spicy noodles with anything you choose, like fried chicked, Fish, Egg Vegetable. It was really good and cheap!!

The best places I found for coffee were these 2. Firstly Tolido’s Espresso Nook. Here you can have a ‘normal’ Australian Breakfast with really good coffee. Food is about SG$16 and coffee SG$6. This place also doesn’t do the ++ on the bill. Tax and service is all included up front. One thing they do that is weird is add a green salad and dressing to pretty much every dish, including the pancakes!! Just ask for NO SALAD!!

The other great coffee was at 100% Arabica in Arab Street. Not cheap but very very good. NO food here but worth the wait for coffee.

Nasi Lemak at Lavender Food Court


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