Eating in Singapore

There is a huge variety of food in Singapore. Little India has a great Hawker Centre called the Tekka Centre. Here there is every kind of food you could imagine, but the freshly made Roti bread is amazing. They stretch it out in front of you and fold and cook in a few minutes, then crunch it between their hands and serve with a curry sauce. ~SG$3.00. Yum. Here at Tekka Centre is the wet market and well worth a wander around to see the fresh fish and produce, plus some amazing spice stalls!!

Hawker Markets are the cheap and easy way to eat. It can look a bit daunting at first but just jump in a be happy to feel a bit like the stupid Australian. Most of the stall owners are happy to help you if you're unsure what to order. Just ask!! One of the classics to eat here is Chicken Rice. You will find this in pretty much every Hawker Centre. There is one place here in Singapore that has been awarded a Michelin Star for their Hainese Chicken Rice

Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle: Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, 335 Smith St, Singapore

SG$4.40 and the chicken was the best I have ever eaten. So soft and silky and delicious.

Frog porridge…yep that's right. Anyone who doesn’t eat this while they are in Singapore is crazy. It is so good. Order with extra dried chilli and take someone to share as the smallest serve would easily feed 2. The best place is at G7 Live Seafood in Geylang Road. It cost about SG$12 and was rich and delicious. One suggestion is wait for it to cool down a bit. It is served so hot and the Kongee really holds it heat. 

Satay in Singapore is everywhere but the best place I ate it at was the La Pau Sat Hawker Centre in Chinatown, right in the CBD. This market has every type of food you could want and you can sit down and have a feast of 20 satays [Mutton, Chicken and Prawn] for SG$13 and be served an ice cold Tiger Beer for SG$5.00. The best stall for Satay was Stall 7/8. I tried some of the others and they were nowhere near as good!!


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