Getting around Singapore an Mobile Phones

Public transport in Singapore is amazing! The MRT [subway/train system] is cheap and efficient. If you miss a train the next one is coming in 2 minutes. The buse are also really good and come every 5-6 minutes. The easiest way to work out how to get around is to use maps on your iPhone. Just plug in your destination and it tells you which train line or bus route to use and is 100% accurate. To pay for trains and buses I just signed up to the SimplyGO! system on the web and linked my apple pay/credit card to the system and then just tapped my phone to get on and off. I don’t think I paid more than $5 per day and I used the trains and buses all the time. Registering was really easy and quick. 5000% better than Australia's system in Melbourne called Myki!!!

Taxis are pretty cheap SG$5-10 around town and I took the cab out to the suburbs for about 35min and it cost SG$25. I also used GRAB which is partly owned by UBER, but it gives you a Fixed Price once you request and is 10% cheaper than a taxi most of the time!

I decided to use a local sim card in Singapore and it was much cheaper than roaming. I bought a Singtel Hi!Tourist $30SIM. 12 days unlimited use of Facebook and WhatsApp plus 100GB data, 5000 SMS, 3000min local calls and 90min IDD calls. I think in 12 days I used 10GB. I challenge anyone to use all 100GB!!! It gave you a local number and was really easy to register. You need your passport number and thats it.


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